Apiezon AP201 Vapour Booster Pump Oil

What is Apiezon AP201 oil?

Apiezon AP201 oil is respected around the globe for its superior quality and stability, and is a flagship vapour booster pump oil with an exceptionally high degree of oxidation resistance.

Solely manufactured by M&I Materials Limited in our purpose built factory in the UK, it is widely regarded as being far superior to other low quality imitation vapour booster fluids. Some pump manufacturers who specify the use of AP201 will even warn that using other fluids can actually invalidate their warranties.


What are the properties of Apiezon AP201 oil?

AP201 is a hydrocarbon based vapour booster pump oil which provides:

  • Excellent oxygen stability
  • Minimal tarry deposits
  • Easier and faster cleaning and servicing
  • Longer service life of the oil
  • Reduction in top ups and backstreaming
  • Superior and quicker ultimate vacuum
  • High purity & very low vapour pressure
  • Available to buy in 4, 20, and 200 litre containers.


Apiezon AP201 Properties table:

Properties Test Method Apiezon AP201
Vapour pressure @ 20°C/68°F, torr (a) 4 x 10-6
Vapour pressure @ 165°C/320°F, torr (a) 1
Relative density @ 20°C/68°F IP 190 0.885
Boiling point @ 1 torr, °C
(a) 165
Pour point °C
ASTM D97-93 -30
Viscosity, kinematic @ 20°C/68°F, cSt ASTM D445-94 76
Viscosity, kinematic @ 40°C/104°F, cSt ASTM D445-94 22
Flash point, Cleveland Open Cup °C
ASTM D93-94 196
Fire point, Cleveland Open Cup °C
ASTM D92-90 >200
Auto ignition temperature °C
ASTM D215 >320


When should I use Apiezon AP201 oil?

In order for the vapour booster pump to work effectively and give long service intervals it needs a suitable oil, with a narrow boiling range and long life. It was developed specifically with vapour booster pumps in mind and continues to be the fluid recommended by the pump manufacturers.

Further information on the applications suitable for AP201 can be found on our Vapour Booster Pumps page as well as associated articles in our Latest section of the website.

To find out more about Apiezon oils, or the Apiezon family of silicone-free high vacuum greases manufactured by M&I Materials Ltd, contact our team of experts available via our helpline and online.

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Ask Apiezon

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