Apiezon Range of Products

Apiezon range of products manufactured by M&I Materials Ltd, include globally renowned high quality, high vacuum greases, a range of vacuum waxes, compounds, lubricants, and also vapour booster pump fluids.

Hydrocarbon Vacuum Greases

Hydrocarbon Vacuum Greases

The Apiezon family of hydrocarbon high vacuum greases have been serving the market for many years and are highly regarded worldwide for their quality, consistency and excellent performance in vacuum applications.

The greases are silicone-free and highly resistant to creep, the undesirable phenomenon associated with silicone-based products.

image of the Apiezon PFPE501 carton and tube

PFPE Vacuum Grease

Apiezon PFPE 501 is a chemically inert, high temperature and extreme pressure lubricant that is also NSF food grade certified.

It is robust, versatile and can be used for sealing and lubricating under the most extreme operating conditions, including environments where aggressive chemicals and strong oxidising agents are regularly used.

AP100 Grease
Apiezon AP100 grease tube

High Vacuum
Ambient Temperatures

AP101 Grease
Image of Apiezon AP101 grease tube

Anti-Seize Vacuum Grease
Long-Lasting Lubrication

H Grease
H Grease

Excellent heat transfer and
sticking properties

L Grease
image of Apiezon L Grease tube

Ultra-high vacuum grease
Use at ambient temperatures

M Grease
image of an Apiezon M grease tube

High vacuum environments
at ambient temperatures

N Grease
image of an Apiezon N grease tube

High Vacuum
Hydrocarbon Grease

T Grease
image of an Apiezon T grease tube

Medium temperature vacuums
Added cushioning properties

PFPE 501 Grease
image of Apiezon PFPE 501 grease tube

High temperature, extreme pressure, food grade certified

Waxes & Q Compound

Waxes & Q Compound

Apiezon Waxes and Q Compound are well known for their quality, consistency and versatility.

All three waxes in the Apiezon range can be used as permanent or semi permanent vacuum sealants or mounting media, while Apiezon Q Compound is an effective temporary vacuum sealant used as a short term solution when vacuum leaks occur.

Vacuum & Booster Pump Oils

Vacuum & Booster Pump Oils

Apiezon vapour booster and turbo pump oils are known and respected around the globe for their superior quality and stability.

Apiezon AP201 has an exceptionally high degree of oxidation resistance, while Apiezon AP303 offers low vapour pressure, meaning that it will not readily evaporate in operation.

Wax W/W40/W100
Wax W/W40/W100

Permanent or semi-permanent
etch-resistant vacuum sealants

Q Compound
image of apiezon q compound tin

Temporary vacuum sealant used as short term solution

AP201 Vacuum Oil
AP201 Vacuum Oil

Superior quality and stability vapour booster pump oil

AP303 Turbo Oil
AP303 Turbo Oil

Lubricating oil for turbo molecular pump bearings

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