Food Grade Grease for Food Production - NSF Standards

What is NSF certification for food grade grease?

NSF International is an independent, globally recognised, organisation that certifies food service equipment and supplies in the industry, ensuring that designs, constructions and usage promote food safety at all times.

Products certified by NSF have to comply with the organisation’s strict food grade standards and procedures, including extensive product testing and material analysis, with every stage of development thoroughly evaluated before it can achieve certification. Products are also subject to follow-up revaluations, which can include on-site visits, to ensure standards are continually monitored to ensure public health safety is maintained.

Products that are NSF certified display the applicable NSF certification mark, of which there are three categories relating to greases and lubricants used in food processing:

For lubricants that may be used in applications where incidental food contact may potentially occur and is limited to a trace amount – not exceeding 10 parts per million (0.001%), otherwise the food is classified unsafe for consumption. H1 lubricant formulations may only contain certain base stocks, additives and thickeners as specified by FDA regulations (21 CFR 178.3750).

For lubricants that can only be used where there is no possibility of contact with food in food-processing facilities. This is a more common certification for substances used in lubricant formulations with toxicology restrictions, so cannot contain elements such as carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, mineral acids or intentionally heavy metals such as antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury or selenium.

For lubricants that only contain edible oils, complying with FDA 21 CFR 172.860 and 172.878 regulations – for example corn, cottonseed, or soybean oils. They are also biodegradable and generally recognised as safe (GRAS) under either FDA 21 CFR 182 or FDA 21 CFR 184. These lubricants are typically used for cleaning, or for rust prevention, on hooks, trolleys and similar equipment.

Which Apiezon products are certified suitable as a food grade grease?

Apiezon PFPE 501 grease from M&I Materials Ltd is certified as NSF H1 food grade and means that it can be used with machinery such as vacuum pumps, mixers, conveyor belts, and other applications associated with:

– Blending

– Bottling

– Brewing

– Cooking

– Cutting

– Handling

– Peeling

– Slicing

To find out more about Apiezon PFPE 501 Grease or the Apiezon family of silicone-free high vacuum greases manufactured by M&I Materials Ltd, contact our team of experts – Contact Apiezon Today.

Apiezon food grade grease for food production applications FAQs

Q: How do I clean off Apiezon PFPE 501?

A: Wipe off excess grease with a lint free cloth. Residual grease can be cleaned using a perfluorinated solvent. For stringent cleanliness a further stage using acetone is recommended.

Q: How do I apply Apiezon PFPE 501?

A: Advice on the best practice for grease application can be found here >

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Ask Apiezon

Do you have a technical question regarding Apiezon products?

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