History of M&I Materials

  • Foundation

    The British Westinghouse Company
    (later renamed Metropolitan-Vickers)

  • The Mica Insulator Company (M&I)

    is founded by the Berkeley brothers

  • New Premises

    Company acquires new premises at Walthamstow

  • The Micanite & Insulators Co. Ltd

    Company name changed to The Micanite & Insulators Co. Ltd

  • New Research Department

    Arthur Fleming founds research department

  • Vickers Ltd Acquisition

    British Westinghouse acquired by Vickers Ltd and changes name to The Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company (Metrovicks)

  • Apiezon discovered!

    Bill Burch discovers Apiezon Oils

  • AEI Formed

    Metrovicks and M&I join the Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) group and AEI expands the Walthamstow plant

  • Apiezon Products Registered

    Apiezon Products Ltd (APL) is registered

  • Metrosil on mass

    First mass-production of Metrosil

  • British Tego Gluefilm

    British Tego Gluefilm commences production in Walthamstow

  • War effects Walthamstow

    WWII bombs fall on Walthamstow plant disrupting production

  • Metrovicks Research becomes AEI Research

  • Sintered carbide production starts

    Metro-Cutanit begins manufacturing sintered carbides

  • Research Laboratories expanded

    AEI completes expansion to research laboratories

  • Metropolitan-Vickers merger

    AEI incorporate the Metropolitan-Vickers name into a universal AEI brand

  • AEI acquired by GEC

    AEI (and M&I) are acquired by GEC. M&I’s production is moved from Walthamstow to Trafford Park

  • GEC acquires Elmet Alloys

  • Midel transformer fluid is patented

    Holt & Waddington’s Midel transformer fluid is patented

  • Fred Waddington awarded

    Fred Waddington is awarded the Nelson Gold Medal for his services to industry

  • M&I commence production of tungsten-heavy alloys.

  • Midel 1st rail application

    Midel is used in its first rail application

  • M&I buys out Shell’s share in APL

    M&I also acquire the high density metals activity of Electro Precision Components Ltd

  • M&I begin production of tungsten-heavy alloys

    Also, the power generation arm of GEC merges with CGE to form GEC ALSTHOM

  • M&I changes to GEC ALSTHOM (M&I) Ltd

  • M&I acquires Osram

    M&I acquires heavy alloy activity of Osram

  • Management buyout from GEC ALSTHOM

    Colin Salt completes management buyout from GEC ALSTHOM, forming M&I Materials Ltd. Mica activities are sold off by GEC ALSTHOM

  • M&I Materials Ltd in the USA

    M&I acquires Inland Vacuum Industries Inc

  • Inland Vacuum acquires the fluid business of CVC Inc

  • Elmet’s copper activity is sold

    Elmet’s copper sold to Vacuum Impregnated Products

  • Power Development (part of Spirent plc) acquired

    M&I Materials Ltd acquires the silicon carbide activity of Power Development

  • new premises for M&I Materials

    M&I materials Ltd move to new facility at Hibernia Way, Trafford Park

  • midel production on the move!

    Midel production moves to the new premises at Hibernia Way, Trafford Park

  • production up and international awards!

    Second new production line for Midel installed and M&I Materials Ltd receive the Queen’s Award for International Trade

  • HRH The Prince of Wales visits M&I Materials

  • apiezon shop live!

    Apiezon introduces online shop to UK, Ireland, and European customers.

  • Apiezon launch PFPE 501 Grease

    Apiezon introduce the first perfluoropolyether based grease to the product portfolio.

  • The launch of MIVOLT dielectric fluids

    MIVOLT begins its mission to develop the safest, most effective dielectric fluids for direct immersion cooling of battery systems and power electronics.

  • Exploring new horizons

    M&I Materials begin collaborations with the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC)

  • The launch of MI240 Performance BioLubricants

    Following extensive market research and rigorous field trials, the Performance Biolubricants business was launched in 2021.