Free Vacuum Grease for UK based Students

EveryLab UK - Free Vacuum Grease Samples for Students!

The next stage on our mission to educate about the virtues of vacuum grease is to offer students (and Professors!) the opportunity to use a good quality grease. The vision is for EveryLab to have a tube of Apiezon grease for students to experiment with starting with those based in the UK.

Are you based in a university or research lab in the UK? If so request your free sample of Apiezon vacuum grease worth £16 today.

All we ask is you use the grease and send us your feedback if you want! We’d also love it if you could send pictures of your Apiezon grease in your laboratory. We will be sharing these pictures on Twitter and Instagram so include the name of your department for a mention.

Please send sample requests,  feedback and / or images to [email protected]

We are offering 1 sample per person, please email using your institution email or personal email (picture of student ID required if using personal email).