Every Student in EveryLab!

We are on a mission! We want to educate early career scientists about the virtues of vacuum grease!

Why? Knowledge is power!

We are hearing that our talented scientists are not always familiar with the importance of vacuum greases prior to becoming a postgraduate and / or entering a commercial lab. We want every student in EveryLab to be ready for that next step.

How are we going to achieve this?

  1. By providing informative materials and webinars
  2. Free samples available now – we want EveryLab to have a good quality vacuum grease to experiment with. Visit Free Samples for more details.
  3. Access to our team who were all early career scientists themselves at some point!

Let’s start by sharing our top 5 considerations when selecting a grease. Click the orange links to read more about each factor.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vacuum Grease

  1. Vacuum level
  2. Working Temperature – Too Hot – melting or thermal degradation and Too Cold – cracking or crazing
  3. Compatibility of materials
  4. Level of lubrication
  5. Does it need to be food or pharmaceutical grade?

Email us today if you need help selecting a vacuum grease

E: [email protected] and use the subject: EveryLab

Understand the benefits of choosing the right vacuum grease now and be ready to impress your future employers!